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The latest in adhesive films

Hexis provides among the most extensive graphic product on the market. Hexis is at the forefront with its new products, colours, finished and textures.

Hexis is a leading manufacturer of adhesive films for over 25 years that are distinctive by its ability to innovate and to stay attuned to emerging trends. Hexis brings a European perspective to the GPA Grafik offer product development. The company is also very active in the production of technical, video content and French language training.

Product lines

Hexis offers a wide variety of products combined with excellent technical performance.

  • Gloss, semi-gloss, metallic, matte, alligator and leather finishes
  • Carbon and brushed metallic textures
  • Wide range of metallic colour films
  • New trend colours
  • Gradation of metallic colours
  • Digital printing films
  • Films for textile
  • Safety films

Why Hexis?

Hexis offers many distinctive benefits

    • Extensive product lines
    • Unique products, colours and finishes
    • Long-term colour stability
    • Technology facilitating the elimination of bubbles during installation
    • High conformability
    • Easy to cut at the installation

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